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Something that really bugs me.

     So, I am not a person that pays too much attention to politics. I have never said that I do. I keep somewhat of an eye on the state of our country, economy, and state of affairs, but I do not revolve my life around it. The simple reason why? It is filled with the undesirable opinions of corrupt people.

     I am not saying that all people in politics are corrupt, bad, or ill-intentioned. But I do not know of many. I am not a fan of the type of people at the head of our country. To me, where it should be the most humble and understanding people at the top, there are power seeking, money hungry politicians. I don’t identify with a party, or a liberal or conservative standard. I am a 23 year old American student of Philosophy that is tired of not saying how I feel.

     But anyway, I have digressed. The point of this post is about when people want to lynch a public figure or a leader for changing their viewpoint. It isn’t as if some people do this, it is the majority, and I think it is completely asinine.

     Why in the world would we discourage personal growth, new-found acceptance, and a reconsideration of what we think is right for the better. Our leaders should not be stone idols of their once thought misjudgement, but rather the epitome of a human being. We humans contradict ourselves, fail to grasp things we did the day before, forget, feel emotion, and absolutely do understand ourselves completely. We are but mortal beings that are on this earth for a limited amount of time in which we should all try our best to make this world a better and more prosperous place.

     This is not accomplished through lying to hide your changed mind, nor seeking and accepting a high position of leadership for money or power. People who do so are not the people that we should be electing into office.

     I will end this rant here for now. Feel free to discuss this with me. I may change my mind with some good logic; as I feel any rational human should do.

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